Kids Karate Class

At AmeriKick Warrington we teach traditional Martial Arts Values such as: Respect, Focus, Teamwork, Self- Control and Discipline.

Fitness Kickboxing

Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout in Warrington, PA! Get Fit & Look Great!!

Karate Birthday

Amerikick Karate in Warrington, PA offers the coolest birthday parties for kids. Call us to learn more!

Sport Martial Arts

Watch your child development physically and mentally with our kids karate programs. Don't wait any longer to see what the buzz is all about!

Bully Prevention

Let Amerikick arm your child with the tools to prevent bullying. Our goal has always been to help students build confidence on and off of the matt!

Women's Self Defense

It's tough to put a price on safety. Join us as we educate women in the area about self defense, awareness training!

Personal Training

If you are looking to training one on one with one of our Amerikick martial arts instructors, we have programs available!


Amerikick Martial Arts strives to develop tomorrows leaders each and every day on our training matt!





Amerikick in Chalfont, Warrington PA is interested build building great karate students wit exciting, structured and motivating classes! AmeriKick's unique "Character Development Program" teaches common sense as well as self defense. And, since the structure of respect is built into all our Martial Arts programs, your child will develop the ability to LISTEN, LEARN and ACHIEVE the goals they set. During classes kids learn to set realistic goals, and to work hard to achieve academic excellence and Martial Arts success. We also instill the principles of modesty, courtesy, respect, and self control. All while helping them become more assertive and less aggressive. Give us a call to set up your first class 215-716-3623

"A Black Belt is a White Belt who NEVER QUIT!!!"




Why would you settle for anything but the best. Amerikick in Chalfont, Warrington PA provides rock solid training for children and adults. Whether you are a parent who is interested in a outstanding karate class for your kids or if you are an adult looking to get into shape, WE ARE THE PLACE TO BE. If you're looking for an explosive, high-energy, TOTAL BODY workout that will burn through calories and whip you into the best shape of your life, AmeriKick's Fitness Kickboxing program in Warrington would be right for you. This Fitness Kickboxing program combines rockin' music with exciting drills, weight training, and the best parts of Martial Arts (self-defense techniques, kicking, punching and blocking). Using heavy bags, boxing gloves and strengthening and conditioning drills, Amerikick can help can you totally rebuild your body and improve your health.