Kids/Adult Martial Arts

Our karate class teaches the full Amerikick curriculum to children aged 7-up. Our goal is to develop skilled martial arts leaders and well rounded individuals. Our karate curriculum offers a variety of traditional styles in addition to more contemporary modern martial arts. Your child will learn the kicks of Tae Kwon Do, the hand strikes of boxing and Kung Fu, the blocks and punches of Shotokan, the self defense of Kenpo and the take downs and ground defense of Judo. The kids curriculum also includes Sport Karate training, Weapons training and Sparring. All of these components have been selected and designed over the past 40 years to give your child the best training as they strive to earn a black belt. In addition to our superior physical conditioning, your child will also participate in our character development program. This is designed to develop the whole child into leaders at home, at school as well as in the karate studio. Your child will learn life skills such as leadership, perseverance, self control, commitment, and focus.

Our Adult class teaches the Amerikick curriculum for those ages 14+, or for those who have already earned a black belt and wish to continue training. Our adult curriculum consists of self defense techniques in a practical setting.

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