Amerikick Chalfont has been so wonderful to our family! We signed our son up in search of an activity to help him learn to focus and have more self-discipline. What we did not realize was how much more he would get out of the classes. Not only is he learning martial arts, he is growing in his esteem, confidence and respect for others. It has a true family feel and the staff is amazing. The Sensei’s are great role model for the kids. I would highly recommend enrolling your kids here! K.B.

My daughter has been taking karate here for about a year. I cannot say enough about how good it has been for her and how much she has enjoyed it! I am so appreciative of everyone here- it’s an awesome place! W.B.

My son has been taking karate here for about 6 months. The senseis are fantastic with the kids. There are always extra instructors assisting during each class to help provide individualized training. My son always looks forward to going and has also developed a lot more confidence with everything he does. M.F.

I would highly recommend Amerikick Chalfont. Instructors teach valuable life lessons, such as focus, discipline, anti-bullying and respect, in addition to martial arts. There is a good amount of physical and mental conditioning. My 11 year old son really looks forward to going each week. I appreciate the hard working and dedicated instructors. S.D.

My son has been taking Karate since January 2016 and looks forward to each class. He has learned so much in a short time and continues to grow in respect and knowledge. I enjoy watching him working hard each week with the instructors. The Staff at Amerikick is incredible and patient with the students. This is great place for to learn Karate. B.B.

We have had an excellent experience with Amerikick Chalfont. My son is shy and didn’t enjoy the organized sports he had played in the past, but he really loves karate. In the beginning he was nervous to even go on the mat, but Sensei is fantastic, patient, supportive and encouraging to all of the students every single class. My son is now quick to participate and has gained confidence, it’s great to see. Also, class time options are plentiful and fit into busy schedules. T.H.

My son has attended karate at Amerikick Chalfont for the past 4 years. I love all that he has learned thus far. I not only love the martial arts training he is receiving but also the more valuable life lessons of discipline, focus, confidence, and respect. ALL of the instructors are WONDERFUL and really know how to keep the children motivated. Thank you Amerikick Chalfont for all you have done for my son. K.P.

My 5 year old absolutely LOVES going to class. What started out as just something to do, is now his favorite activity. Great lesson plans, instructors and atmosphere!! Also love that it’s Affordable and there was no long term commitment (which was an added plus when we weren’t sure how my son would take to karate.) M.C.

Amerikick Karate in Chalfont is the BEST! They treat you like a family and it is truly a wonderful experience to see my grandson working with his instructors. My grandson has been doing karate for several months and loves going to competitions. We can’t wait to represent Chalfont in our next competition. D.C.

Amerikick chalfont has been a blessing! My son is on the autism spectrum and we had been looking for a while to find a group activity that first he would enjoy and second thrive in. Sensei is amazing with all of the kids, is patient and kind. My son has gained self control and confidence as well as a sense of belonging which means so much to him and I. I highly recommend this karate school for anyone looking to have their child engage in a group activity that not only teaches self defense it also teaches discipline and respect. J.M.